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Jarrahdale Heating is a family owned and operated business. At its helm are Managing Directors, Rowan and Leon Clare - who happen to be fairly down-to-earth brothers. As such, they are not the sort to ‘blow their own trumpet’ when it comes to receiving good customer feedback. So, rather than type it here, we invite you to review direct customer feedback that has been submitted to Google below (we believe it’s just more ‘legit’ this way too). Should you choose to engage us for your heating needs, we also encourage you to post your own review in due course. We would love to hear from you!

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  • My old Jarrahdale Air Conditioner died in the pre Chrismas heat wave after 18 years so I contacted Jarradale Heeating & Cooling for advice to see if it was worth fixing or to replace it. Derek from the service centre advised my on all options in repairing and replacing the unit, and as such I took a chance on the repair option. Derek managed to book in the repair before Chrismas and Steven the repairer replaced the motor and got the unit going within a short time. It is rare to find an organization who is so effective, courteous and professional these days. I highly recommend Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling as my experience with dealing with them show that they really do know how to carry out repairs and care about the service they provide to their customers. Chris Mac CANNING-VALE WA AUSTRALIA
  • Three days before the hottest Christmas on record we contacted Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling desperate for parts for our suddenly crippled evaporative air conditioner. Not only did they have everything we needed in stock, but they had everything ready for us within 10 minutes of our call at a fabulous price. We are extremely grateful to them for their assistance, and recommend Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling for all your Jarrahdale parts!
  • WOW! I cant believe how good this company is. Right from the initial contact with Holly through to the installation by Jason, it was a breeze. (Sorry about the Pun) Holly was knowledgable, knew exactly what I wanted and was professional in manner. I was quoted a price that was less than others by far and after the installation was advised that the price was actually $310 less than quoted as some parts were not required. Holly liased with my real estate agent to open the home for Jason to do the installation and everything was done in a timely and efficient time frame. I could not be happier. Dont waste time getting quotes from multiple places, go dirfect to this fantastic Business. Thank you Holly, Jason and the team at JHC, well done. Julie
  • I have an old swagman (more than 20 years old, still going strong!) which needed a new baffle plate (first replacement) and they had to make me a custom one due to age of the unit. No extra cost. Price was the same as existing parts. Great and friendly service, worth the drive if you are a bit away.
  • Could not be happier with the finished product. Our woodheater was not a normal install, a bit tricky, but Jarrahdale were happy to help and take it on. Heater is working a treat.Correspondence was amazing and super helpful the whole process. One very happy customer. Thankyou !!

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