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‘Wood’ you Heat Thoughtfully?

If you have visited us here online to learn more about our wood heaters, chances are, you already know that wood heaters have much lower operational costs than other forms of home heating - meaning significant cost savings when it comes to the dreaded electricity bill. But what about having to stoke the fire all the time? What about burning all that wood?

A lot of thought goes into the construction of our wood heaters to maximise benefits while reducing costs. Many of our customers are surprised to learn just how efficient a Jarrahdale Wood Heater can be when it comes to reducing household heating costs while minimising manual input and environmental impacts. So, here are the facts:

Cost Efficiency

A Convection Wood Heater costs between AUS $1,200 – $3,000 to purchase and uses roughly 2.5 tonnes of wood per year to warm a medium-sized Australian home during winter. The average cost for this wood is just AUS $450 per year. Wood heaters are therefore an economical choice both in the initial financial outlay and on-going costs.

Longer Lasting, Heat

Wood heaters burn timber, a natural fuel source, slowly and efficiently. This results in a permeating heat, which unlike gas or electric heating, traps and infuses warmth into objects to thoroughly warm the surrounds and extend the heating period to long after the last flame flickers. This means once you have mastered setting-up the fire, you can expect reliable, long-lasting heat without the fuss.

Renewable, Cleaner Energy

Wood heaters use timber to keep you warm - a renewable and natural energy source with no fossil fuels. But what about the smoke created by the burning wood?

Jarrahdale Convection Wood Heaters are built with a secondary air-injection system that burns up smoke that would normally go through the chimney. Through this method, no more CO2 is produced by a Jarrahdale Convection Wood Heater than if the timber was simply left to decay outside.

Monitored & Tested

All Convection Wood Heaters manufactured in Australia are now monitored and audited by the Australian Home Heating Association to ensure environmental compliance (EPA) and guarantee low smog emissions. To gain EPA Approval, a wood heaters fire must burn-out and never smoulder, thereby ensuring cleaner air and a more environmentally conscious product.

You can learn more about the general benefits of a wood heater through the Home Heating Association of Australia.

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