Latest Release Wood Heater Models Make Big Impression

Countryman Built InJarrahdale Heating have released two new wood heater models in advance of winter 2019, the Countryman and Clydesdale. Designed to warm bigger areas, both the Countryman and Clydesdale feature an over-sized firebox, making them perfect for large residences and commercial spaces with open-plan areas, high ceilings or a mezzanine floor.

The Countryman offers a longer burn time than many residential wood heaters currently on the market thanks to its firebox capacity for heavy logs, up to 630mm wide, and can easily warm areas up to 300sq/m.

As for the Clydesdale, this is a wood heater like no other, capable of storing logs up to 730mm wide and offering maximum heat output for even larger areas up to 350sq/m.

Clydesdale web

Both the Countryman and Clydesdale are available in a freestanding and built-in fireplace model and feature a striking, modern façade with a streamline, linear fascia and extended glass panel door for entrancing views of the fire.

Like every wood heater in the premium range from Jarrahdale Heating, the Countryman and Clydesdale are built in WA to strict Australian Standards 
using locally sourced, 6 and 8mm solid steel. Each heater is plasma-cut, powder-coated and finished onsite at the companies Maddington manufacturing facility, and as such, comes complete with an extensive, 10 year structural warranty.

Be amongst the first to install the Countryman or Clydesdale in your home or commercial space and be ready when winter returns.

For further information, contact Jarrahdale Heating today.  

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Wood Heater Install - Before & After Photos

Before and after photos of a recent Jarrahdale Heating installation, featuring our 'Jumbo Innovator' Built-in Wood Heater. The customer choose to finish the heater surrounds with rock cladding. We think it looks great!


fireplace before install


Inbuilt Innovator fireplace after

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8 Easy Steps to Build an Efficient Fire

A Jarrahdale Wood Heater provides a great way to heat your whole home quickly and eficiently. Learn how to light a long-lasting  fire this winter, that burns cleanly, in 8 easy steps.

Video and guidance courtesy of the Australian Home Heating Association. 

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New Winter dealership for Jarrahdale Heating

Midvale Store FrontJarrahdale Heating are proud to announce the opening of a new, seasonal dealership for Jarrahdale Wood Heaters, open during the winter months. 

Jarrahdale Heating Midvale opened its doors in March 2018 and exclusively offers the complete range of Jarrahdale Wood Heaters at factory direct prices, including supply and install. 

The brand-new showroom, located on Farrell Rd in Midvale, will be open every year during the cooler months from March - August. The showroom boasts a large display of Jarrahdale Wood Heaters including convection and radiant models, both freestanding and built-in.

At the helm of Jarrahdale Heating Midvale are Owner Operators, Paul Nell and Damian Earnshaw who collectively offer over 30 years industry expertise. Through their experiences, Damian and Paul have witnessed first-hand, the rising cost of home heating and believe that wood heaters offer high efficiency with lower costs.

“Over the past 10 years I have personally seen the rising cost of home heating, whether it be the initial outlay for the heater or electricity costs” said Damian. 

“Wood heaters offer a unique form of heating as they are excellent value for money and provide better warmth through long-lasting, permeating heat” Damian said. 

According to Jarrahdale Heating Managing Director, Rowan Clare, the company has long recognised the need to expand the business duirng the buiest months to include a second factory-direct outlet to cater for customers in the north-east suburbs and felt this was the right opportunity.

“We are delighted to team-up with Damian and Paul as they share our vision for the Jarrahdale Heating brand; to offer cost-efficient, quality wood heaters with a customer-centric focus” he said. 

"The opening of the Midvale dealership provides greater accessibility and choice for customers in the north-east of Perth, while allowing us to maintain focus on manufacturing, product quality and customers to our Maddington showroom during the peak winter season,” said Rowan.

To discuss your wood heating requirements with an expert, contact the Jarrahdale Heating showroom today at 14 Farrell Rd, Midvale, or Phone: 6270 1840.

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Wood Heating is Good Heating

Insist on an Australian Made Wood Heater for the cheapest form of home heating with the smallest eco-footprint

Wood heaters have long been regarded as a cost efficient and eco-friendly form of home heating compared to electricty or gas. Just last year the economical and ecological benefits of Australian made wood heaters were formally recognised with the implemtation of new Australian Standards. The 2017 standards require all domestic manufacturers of wood heaters to now comply with strict requirements regarding maximum carbon emissions and minimum efficiency levels. 

In anticipation of these new standards, in 2014 Jarrahdale Heating began the process of research and development to ensure every model in the Jarrahdale Wood Heater range would pass the emissions and efficiency testing, conducted by the Australian Home Heating Association. Due to the stringency of the new requirements, this was not a simple process, yet it was certainly a worthwhile one, with all Jarrahdale Wood Heaters gaining certification and many models surpassing the set standards. 

Only a wood heater manufactured in Australia is guaranteed to meet these standards, ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact, and only Jarrahdale Heating can offer you a wood heater made right here in Western Australia with the backing of over 37 years experience.

Insist on an Australian Made Wood Heater. Insist on a Jarrahdale.

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